Toby Prussman-Missouri Land Specialist-Realtree Land Pro

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I am a graduate of Northwest Missouri State University and hold a Bachelor’s degree in  Agricultural Sciences. I worked in the banking industry for nearly a decade, serving as a lender and Vice-President. I then made a tough, but rewarding decision to transfer and sell real estate full time. I joined United Country and have been selling land for the nation’s largest land company. My time as a lender helped me gain unique experience and develop great relationships with people in and around the real estate world including appraisers, farmers, title companies, etc. These connections continue to benefit my clients that choose to hire me. I use modern advertising techniques and have a wide range of resources available to reach buyers at the local, state, and national level. Check out the rest of my page and please reach out with questions!

A Recommended 5 Star Agent: Click Here For All Reviews

– “Toby made the somewhat sentimental sale of my parents little farm very easy. He took great care of the “business side”, but he remembered that there is a “personal side” as well. We let Toby sell heaven for us, that’s the best I can say.”

– “This was our first time to sell any property. Toby was wonderful to work with throughout the process. He was available to answer any questions and discuss options. It was great to have him guide us through each step!”

– “Toby was very professional and thoughtful with the way he handled the sale of our family farm! I highly recommend him!”

– “I recently worked with Toby to purchase my Mo hunting property. Toby went above and beyond helping me through the process with a difficult seller. There were multiple negotiations and challenges we had to work through. Toby always had my best interest in mind and made me feel like I as a person mattered to him! In addition to being a great real estate agent, he is also an accomplished deer hunter. Having a realtor that speaks your language and understands what qualities are needed to make a potentially great trophy deer hunting property is priceless. I highly recommend Toby if your looking for a realtor who is honest, cares about his clients, and understands the needs of a hunter!”

Accomplishments & Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences
Worked nearly a decade as an Agricultural Lender
Over 7 Million in land sales in 2022
Consistently ranking in the top 5 of sales
Featured on Realtree United Country
Successfully completed several land auctions
5 star Google rating 
Certified Realtree Land Pro
Thousands of acres sold successfully

Licensed With United Country:

Nation’s largest land company
95 years in business
$9 Billion in annual sales
2.5 Million acres sold annually
500 Offices, 5,000 agents nationwide
Buyer database of more than 950,000 opt-in buyers

Personal Life:

Happily married to my wife Tedi for 5 years and we have 2 beautiful little girls. We stay busy with youth sports, traveling, and school functions. I am also an older brother and have 2 younger sisters. I love to be in the outdoors as much as possible and love to hunt just about every type of game. I have harvested several deer over 150 inches with my best being 196 inches. I enjoy sports and played several in my “glory days”. Now I have transferred from playing to watching and enjoy watching the NFL and some college basketball. I love selling land and making connections with new people that I meet along the way.  Here is a brief look into my personal side!

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Why Hire Me?

If you are looking to sell real estate or maybe are on the fence about it, please reach out to me for a free and private discussion. I am knowledgeable in the industry and I am certain I can maximize the value of your property. I have a large database of personal buyers as well as the capability to utilize the United Country platform and have your listing appear in tens of thousands of places across the United States. I try my best to be as down to earth as possible and I always make myself available for questions along the way.  I think it’s important to be able to feel like you can have a conversation with someone who has hired you to sell their property. Whether you are selling land, a hunting property, or a rural home, give me a call and let’s do it the right way!