Cash Rent Auctions for Missouri Farmland

Land Owners are Maximizing Their Farm’s Income with Cash Rent Auctions

If you’re a Missouri land owner, and your goal is to maximize your farm’s income from cash rent, we offer a proven solution. We began doing cash rent auctions in 2012, and since then have created a large following of the regions best farmers. A cash rent auction is the most practically way for owners to test market value and demand. Strong commodity prices have motivated farmers to search for additional acres to add to their farming operations. More than ever before, farmers are seeking to increase their farmable acres resulting in cash rents exceeding expectations.

Farmers Bid Anonymously

A sealed bid cash rent auction provides a way for qualified farmers to compete for the opportunity to lease land. A private, sealed bid online auction, is preferred amongst most farmers in lieu of a public auction. Traditionally, and understandably, most farmers are tight-lipped about their existing lease rates and what they might be willing to pay. The sealed bid process provides an avenue for farmers to compete anonymously, without peer pressure.

How Does it Work?

  • Land owners provide us with written authorization to market their farm for rent, and conduct a sealed bid auction
  • Land owners provide us with basic farm information, e.g. verifiable tillable acres
  • We release the farm details including FSA documents, aerials, soil maps, etc. to our database of farmers and promote the auction using targeted online marketing
  • Farmers submit their sealed bid and a short resume describing their farming operation.
  • The process generally takes 30 – 60 days but can be tailored to owner requirements
  • At the conclusion of the auction, we provide the winning bidder’s name & resume information to the land owner
  • Bid amounts and bidder names are only shared with the land owner
  • The land owner, or the land owners representative, works directly with the winning bidder to prepare and execute the lease agreement
  • Land owners may reserve the right to accept or reject any and all bids

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