Cash Rent Auctions for Missouri Farmland

We’ve Been Connecting Farmers and Land Owners Since 2010

Missouri Land Owner – do you have a farm open for lease?

  • Choose from Multiple Farmer Applicants
  • Detailed Applications Include Qualifications, Experience & Bid Amount
  • Test Market Value and Demand
  • Interview Applicants
  • Execute a Lease with Applicant of your Choosing
  • Reserve the Right to Reject Any & All Applicants

Missouri Farmer – are you seeking more acres to farm?

  • Receive Email Alerts When New Farms Become Available for Lease sign-up
  • Access Farm Details, Aerials, Soil Maps, and Inspect the Farm
  • Submit Confidential Application and Bid Amount
  • Application is Routed Directly to Owner and/or Owner’s Representative, Farm Manager
  • Sell yourself. Provide as much details as possible on your application. It’ll be the owner’s decision who he or she wants to interview.

How Does it Work?

  • Land owners provide us with written authorization to advertise their farm for rent
  • Land owners provide us with basic farm information including verifiable tillable acres
  • We release the farm details including FSA documents, aerials, soil maps, etc. to our database of farmers and promote the auction using targeted online marketing
  • Farmers submit detailed, confidential applications describing their farming operation and bid amount
  • The process generally takes 30 – 60 days but can be tailored to owner requirements
  • At the conclusion of the advertising period, the owner will review the applications
  • Owner reserves the right to reject any and all applications
  • The land owner, or the land owners representative, works directly with the winning applicant to prepare and execute a lease agreement

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