Never Miss A New Farm Listing-Sign Up For Text Alerts!

To those of you who are currently signed up to our email list, thank you! We have grown the email list to a very large amount of subscribers over the years and enjoy sending our dedicated buyers and sellers new listings and land updates. However, as times change and evolve we try to continually provide our clients with the best resources available. We have recently implemented a text service that we are offering as a free courtesy to anyone interested. We will also maintain our current email list and continue to send you land alerts to your email as well. Here is how it works….

  1. You sign up for the free service.
  2. You receive land alerts as soon as they are sent by us, via text message.

Yep, that’s how easy it is. Here are the 2 ways to sign up. 

  1. Follow this link, fill out the form that asks for your cell number, first name, and last name. Click subscribe, and you’re registered. Here is the link:
  2. Another option to sign up is to text the word LAND to 888-949-1379

After completing either one of those steps you will be signed up to receive text messages when new listings hit the market as well as auctions and important changes to current listings, such as price drops etc. If you ever decide you do not want to receive notifications all you have to do is text STOP to the same number, very simple. 

Let me know if you have any issues getting signed up. Thanks!

Author: Toby Prussman

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