No Turkey, No Mushrooms, No Problem!

All the shed antlers have been found by you, the resident squirrels, or that pesky trespasser. Turkey season has came and passed and the magic of the thunder chicken gobbles has subsided. The mushrooms have dried up like they were never there, and a few Facebookers sold some overpriced morels for $100 a pound. Now here we sit in early June; the temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer, the boat is out of storage, the kids are out of school…..

But as outdoorsman, what are we to do until the bow opener in September? Many have planted their food plots and are watching them start to pop. The adjustments and mistakes from last season have been completed and fixed in the late Winter/early Spring. New stands have been purchased and hung. The camouflage is scent free washed and sealed in the totes. The deep freezer is starting to dwindle with the last packs of jerky and summer sausage getting ate. We may grab a fishing pole here and there, but probably just end up looking at deer tracks in the mud. 

To put it simply. We are getting bored, and maybe a little stir crazy. 

But I am here with some good news. The Summer months of June, July and August do not have to be free of deer activities. In fact, this time frame allows for one of my favorite things to do – – GET PICTURES OF VELVET BUCKS!

By now the main beams are well on their way and this time next month the racks will begin to show some serious growth. Fast forward to August and that 200″ monster you’ve been dreaming about is now fully grown and in full velvet. I personally haven’t set any cameras out yet, (although I have hunting buddies who have)- – but I have been testing cameras, getting batteries changed, SD cards ready, etc. And here in about a month I will start to set the cams on some field edges and easy access locations. I always compare the first quality velvet buck pictures to Christmas morning, the excitement I get from these first bucks that show themselves on camera is awesome. However, the excitement must be somewhat contained as I know not all of these bucks will be around come Fall (see my prior post about Summer and Fall ranges). Nevertheless, velvet buck trail cam pictures rank high on my list of favorite things!

So in summary, if you are wondering how in the world you are going to make it to Fall, having dreams of cooler temperatures, leaves falling and combines running in the distance- – I am here to help! Get the cameras out of storage, get them ready to go, get them in the woods, and enjoy watching those antlers grow! 

Give me a call or shoot me a message!

Toby Prussman


Author: Toby Prussman

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