10 Things to Consider When Selling Missouri Land

In my previous career, I supervised a number of people and had the pleasure of mentoring a few young leaders, something I very much enjoyed. 

Some of the best advice I ever received was from an old Chief Master Sergeant, who told me, “if you have a project that needs to be executed quickly and professionally, give it to the busiest person on your team.” This stuck with me, and over the years, I found it to be true. Busy people don’t have time to procrastinate, so they complete tasks quickly and correctly the first time. When given the opportunity, I’ve always tried to share this concept.

If you agree that busy people get things done, it only makes since to apply this concept when considering someone to market your land. If you want to maximize your property’s potential, and achieve top dollar, take time to identify a busy land agent. 

When choosing, here are a few thing to consider:

  1. Is he or she a fulltime land agent
  2. Is it easy to determine years of experience and history of success
  3. Do they have a professional website for featuring listings
  4. Is their website constantly evolving with new listings, e.g. are they busy
  5. Is there a history of sold and under contract properties available
  6. Are personal references available upon request
  7. Is their social media page always churning with new listings, updates, likes, and comments
  8. Is there an exceptional local, regional, and nationwide marketing plan, and does he or she already have a list of buyer prospects that would be interested in your property
  9. Is technology maximized to it’s full potential, e.g. drone pictures, video, downloadable documents
  10. Does he or she provide multiple selling options
    • traditional listing plus MLS
    • online auction
    • live auction
    • sealed bid auction

Author: Dennis Prussman

Dennis is considered one of the nation’s top land agents. In 2021, he ranked number 3 nationwide in total land sales, with $46 Million sold. His experience includes thirty years of Internet advertising with a focus on real estate. view listings: http://www.PremierLandSales.com, social media: https://www.facebook.com/LandByDennis

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