You Can’t Buy Happiness…But You Can Buy Dirt!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt.”  Sound familiar? This almost seems like it should be below a land agents name on their business card or something!

If you are a country music fan you’ve probably heard this song by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan played hundreds of times on the radio, I know I have. But I never really took the time to listen carefully to the lyrics, until recently. I guess when I finally did the song came across a little different. Have a listen. 

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt.” Or can you? 

As a land agent I have the opportunity to help buyers and sellers daily. I get hundreds of calls from buyers similar to the storyline the video depicts. Families who want to purchase a piece of land to call their own, a place to raise their kids, a place to make lifelong memories. Farmers who want to expand their business and acreage. Outdoorsman who just want a piece of land to be able to hunt on and manage the way they want.

But the question remains the same, can you actually “buy dirt”?

For every landowner who is fortunate enough to say they own land, there was likely, at some point, someone who sold that land.  Without that opportunity to purchase then there wouldn’t be any landowners. Think about it… Who did you buy from? Who did your parents buy from? Maybe it was your great great grandparents, who did they buy it from? It all started somewhere.  In today’s market there is no shortage of buyers, but there certainly is a shortage of sellers.

We have landowners tell us all the time they read our blogs and follow our website news. So if you are indeed a landowner who is considering selling something, I am not lying when I say there are thousands of buyers out there looking and hoping for an opportunity to purchase. And although it sounds cheesy, sellers are actually the first step for someone to create lifelong memories for them and their family. Whether it be on homestead, hunting property, or creating a first generation farm, it all has to have a start. 

As the old saying goes..
For every ending there is a new beginning!

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt.” 

Toby Prussman

Author: Toby Prussman

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