Never Ending Search

A never ending search….. What is?
Where you left the tv remote? Where you put your car keys? Probably those too…

But for me it’s always where am I going to hunt? Where can I get access? What portion of public land won’t be to crowded? What’s for sale out there?

I have wrote about this before, so I am sure it’s not of any surprise that I am back on the topic of hunting land. But with archery season just about to come to an end here in Missouri it was on my mind. And just like me, many of you probably begin plotting next seasons game plan right after the current seasons close. And the #1 complaint you’ll probably have is that you need a new place to hunt.  And when you begin to search, you will be quite depressed. Because as you know, the inventory is next to nothing. 

But first I’ll show you my 2021 bow and rifle bucks because my wife wont let me hang them in the living room, and they don’t get enough attention in my basement! I had a great year, and totaled about 290 inches in antler,  but I credit the new farm I picked up. The place had several mature bucks and checked all the boxes!



Back to the point…My phone continues to ring with buyers and hunters just like yourself that continue that search that seems to never end. And trust me, I wish I had 50 properties full of heavy bedding, food plots, highways of trails, all complete with a nice creek flowing through them to sell you. But, I don’t! We recently had a 20 acre timber tract we were fortunate enough to list, and this place had 50 showings in a week! I am actually still getting calls about it and it’s long since closed. The demand is crazy, and the inventory remains very low.

I guess I am writing to landowners just as much as I am to my fellow hunters. If you have something that you’d consider selling please reach out to me. Maybe you have some timber or junkier ground that you don’t use? Maybe you already own a hunting place and want to upgrade? Please give me a call and let me put it in front of my buyer list!

Buyers I encourage you to signup for our mailing list and go like/follow my facebook page. These are the first 2 places we list new properties and in this fast paced market it pays to be in the know. Give me a call, tell me what you’re after, and I will see if I can help you find something!

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Happy New Year-And Happy Hunting!

Author: Toby Prussman

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