Immediate Land Needs, $6M, $1.3M, $1M


I need to locate Missouri land owners that might be willing to offer a farm for sale. I’ll share with you three buyers that have asked for my help in locating a property.

1.) A local Missouri buyer (investor) needs to execute a 1031 exchange. The budget is up to $6M, location is not important. Ideally the customer would like to wrap things up before EOY 2021. Might consider nice pasture but prefers row crop with reasonable return on investment.

2.) This client recently purchased one of my listings but needs to invest an additional $1.3M to exhaust her budget. This is a cash buyer that can close quickly. The ideal row crop farm would already have an operator in place. Will consider North Missouri.

3.) This 1031 exchange buyer has already sold their farm. Need row crop replacement up to $1M.

We’re generating multiple buyer leads everyday and we literally have such a long list, it’s becoming difficult to manage. Many want to execute a 1031 exchange and their timeline clock is ticking. Dozens & dozens of buyers are looking for the same thing. Don’t hesitate to send me a reminder if you’re actively shopping for a property.

Dennis Prussman, (816) 262-6178

Author: Dennis Prussman

Dennis is considered one of the nation’s top land agents. In 2021, he ranked number 3 nationwide in total land sales, with $46 Million sold. His experience includes thirty years of Internet advertising with a focus on real estate. view listings:, social media:

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