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I want to take a moment to extend a BIG thank you to my clients that trust me to facilitate their land transactions. Much of my business is referral based, and as the old saying goes, “there’s no better compliment, than a good referral.”

Never before, has it been more important to stay informed and understand how buying, selling, or holding land may impact your bottom line. I believe sharing information benefits all of us. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the question below, then we have a common interest, and I’d enjoy visiting with you.

  • What’s a Taxed Deferred 1031 Exchange? What if this program is eliminated?
  • What is Inheritance Step-up Basis and how does it impact capital gains?
  • What’s my land really worth?
  • What is my farms cash rent value?
  • How are land prices trending?
  • Is it time to sell? When’s the right time?
  • Am I depreciating my real property assets?

Please give me a call today to discuss your real estate questions or needs.

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