What’s Your Property Worth?

A common question asked… “what’s my property worth if I was to sell it today?”
A great question, but also not a simple one to answer!

Have you been considering selling but are unsure where to even begin? Have no idea what current land prices are? Don’t want to pay big dollars for someone to give you a value? You’re not alone.

A land valuation is a great way to maximize your properties full potential and that is what we aim to achieve, but its also a multi-step process. There are many factors that go into valuing a property and no two properties are the same, that’s why a valuation is so important! Everything from location, soil type, accessibility, zoning, fencing, terracing, and drainage….to name a few, all affect value.  Not only do you get an estimated value but we will also discuss what type of marketing is best suited for your property (traditional listing, live auction, online auction etc.) This is equally as important as value but is often overlooked.

I encourage anyone who is thinking about selling now, or in the near future to reach out to us and schedule a FREE valuation. The first step to selling is being prepared!


Author: Toby Prussman

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