Rifle Season Frustrations

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Well here we are, another rifle season has come and gone. Another year of planting food plots, checking cameras, making mock scrapes, trying to pinpoint the travel pattern of a certain buck. Does it ever really stop? Not really.

To those of you that had a successful hunt in 2020, congratulations on a job well done. To those of you still hunting with the string and arrow like myself, there is still time! But one thing is for sure, post rut hunting is not for the faint of heart. By now the deer have been pressured, the sanctuaries have been busted, human scent fills the woods, and your neighbor has been riding their ATV up and down the fence lines for 2 weeks. Like I said, hunting this time of the year can prove difficult!

If you are like me, you experienced a large influx of hunting pressure on or around where you hunt at the onset of rifle season. This has became the new norm for a large portion of Missouri farms, particularly those that maintain a solid deer herd. If you are a public land hunter, you also know all to well how stiff the competition is to hunt that sweet spot on public ground. There is nothing worse than seeing an army of orange in every direction as the sun rises above the horizon. Most just want a peaceful hunt by themselves, and for most of us this pressure ruins the hunting pretty quick.

But anyways, enough with the negativity! If you are still out there chasing whitetails, I commend you, and I sincerely hope you will fill your tag in the post rut/late season! For everyone looking ahead to next year, there is a way around the madness.

It is amazing the amount of people just like you, that call me and want to buy a piece of land to call their own, and hunt it the way that they want. I encourage anyone that has every thought they’d like to own their own hunting tract to reach out to me and let me assist you in finding the perfect one. Additionally, if you have a piece of land that you think may be a good fit to list as a hunting property, please reach out! You would be surprised what is out there to buy, and you’d also be surprised who just might want to own that 40 acre of grown up hardwood that you don’t use for anything!

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Author: Toby Prussman

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