Stop Waiting, Hunting Land Values & Demand are on the Rise

As the hunting industry continues to explode, so does demand for Missouri hunting tracts. These buyers aren’t from a single demographic, they’re local folks that in the past, counted on a neighbor to allow them access, they’re mom’s and dad’s from the city with disposable income that want their kids to experience the outdoors, and many are enthusiasts and trophy hunters from other states that in the past, depended on leasing land. Mark Twain’s quote, “Buy landtheyre not making it anymore” has never been more accurate. Land owners have become hesitant because of liability concerns and public land has seen a significant increase in hunter traffic. Tracts, ranging in size from 40 to 80 acres, are creeping up in value, and I don’t see this trend changing. Nice hunting tracts are what’s hot, and they’re selling super-fast…many times, within days of listing. Indicators tell us, if you want to hunt in the future, you’ll need to own a your own property. Potential buyers are able to stay informed, and receive email notifications when new land listing become available… sign-up for free at:



Author: Dennis Prussman

Dennis is considered one of the nation’s top land agents. In 2021, he ranked number 3 nationwide in total land sales, with $46 Million sold. His experience includes thirty years of Internet advertising with a focus on real estate. view listings:, social media:

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