Finding a place to hunt can be as elusive as a Trophy White Tail


Frustrated Hunters, I hear you!

Yesterday a friend shared with me a conversation he participated-in at the local coffee shop. The topic was finding a spot to deer hunt and the frustration associated with this challenge. I feel your pain folks, however I don’t think it’s going to get any easier. If you’re a subscriber to my mailing list, you’ve seen requests from dozens of clients looking for hunting farms to purchase. Demand for deer, turkey, and duck hunting has skyrocketed.

What’s driving demand and who’s buying land?

  • Hunting is a multi-billion dollar industry, just walk into any of the big-box sporting good stores. Some indicators tell us, if given the option, more and more young people would choose to spend their time hunting instead of participating in traditional sports.
  • Technology has made hunting more interesting and fun: trail cams, smart phone apps, GPS, UTV’s, etc.
  • Families from the suburbs have discovered the outdoors, and they’re seeking recreational properties. They want their children to experience the outdoors and have time away from their gadgets. This group prefers “stay-cations” apposed to summers trips to the theme park. There’s a super-high demand for land that offers hunting and a spot for a cabin.
  • Successful business people and executives, with disposable income, currently make-up the largest pool of buyer prospects. They’re passionate about hunting and they share their passion with their kids. Competition for a trophy is fierce.
  • Public hunting land is crowded. Nuff said!
  • In many cases, hunting opportunities are becoming commercially managed by companies that offer a variety of leasing options. This has created an entire industry filled with ambitious entrepreneurs.
  • “They aren’t making anymore land!” How many times have we all heard this?

Is this impacting land values?

The answer is absolutely. Limited supply and high demand for hunting properties has prices, in this market segment, on the rise. It’s not unusual to have multiple buyer prospect on a new listing. Don’t expect any bargains. I look for this trend to continue.

What’s a guy or gal to do?

I don’t believe hunting is, or is becoming, only for the wealthy. However, hunting as a hobby, is changing and I don’t see the trend reversing itself. If hunting is your passion, don’t keep waiting for something to change. Good hunting opportunities, now and into the future, may require you to own or lease your own honey hole. Friends may need to consider partnering to invest in an opportunity. Yes, lenders will loan money on hunting farms. Get pre-approved so you’re prepared to execute when a new opportunity becomes available. Join a reputable Land Agent’s mailing list to be notified when new listings become available. Many of our best listings are sold before they reach the full advertising cycle.

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Author: Dennis Prussman

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